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Tweetco is the first script in the world that offers you a lot of distinguished services and tools to help you to run and manage your Twitter accounts, so easily and in just a seconds.

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Figure out why more than 90K users are using Tweetco!!

Some Features of Tweetco Script

Auto Tweet

Auto Tweet at any time you want, and with specific tweets, links or pictures that you can choose, also you can tweet with specific hashtags.

Auto Retweet

Get Auto-Retweet to your Tweets or any account you choose, and you can specify how many retweets you want to get.

Auto Like

Get Auto-Like to your Tweets or any account you choose, and you can specify how many likes you want to get.

Auto Reply

You can enable Auto-Reply to tweets that tweeted by a specific user|s (You can use this method for ads) Script and Auto Reply program.

Tweet Library

The script comes with a categorized Tweets library which you can enable Auto Tweet from .. and you can edit it, remove it or even add to it ...

Free Followers

Through the 'Sky Follow' feature you can gain and get more followers and increase your influence on Twitter .. sell followers for other acccounts.

Refollow Followers \ Unfollow Non-followers

Automatically follow back who followed you, and unfollow who unfollowed or who didn't followed you back.

Hashtag Library

You can add a number of top trending Hashtags and enable auto tweet from them .. That makes your account appear in those hashtags which increases your engagement in Twitter.

No Ads!

Tweet and use the script without annoying pop ups and ads!
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And if you want to own the full script and get a the full access to all of it's features just contact us and get your own script (version available).

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